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eulerian-soltiuons e.U. provides a large variety of services starting from free tutorial videos on how to get started with OpenFOAM, customized on-site CFD trainings, model development, tailored open-source CFD solutions for in-house workflows, custom CFD simulation and support for a wide selection of CFD problems.

About eulerian-solutions e.U.

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Dr. József Nagy graduated from the Vienna University of Technology in Physics and finished his PhD in Chemical Engineering. For six years he held the position of a post-doc at the Johannes Kepler University, where he worked on polymer materials. He is the Chair of the Technical Committee for Tutorials and Documentation in the OpenFOAM Governance System. He has the biggest YouTube channel with specialized tutorials for learning CFD with OpenFOAM. Currently he is a CFD engineer at eulerian-solutions e.U. His areas of interest are diverse, medical simulations, multiphase flows, complex materials, porous media, fire and species dispersion, Fluid-Solid Interaction (FSI) and model development and implementation as well as custom workflows for specific applications.